Seacor Piezo Ceramics   

Image of types of Piezo Ceramics
Piezo Ceramic Disks, Rings, Tubes, Large & Small Plates, Custom Parts, Electrodes, Multilayers actuators and Benders
Seacor provides "best quality," high tolerance, piezo ceramic components and superior service to OEM’s. Our customers are leaders in ultrasound technology, manufacturing a fantastic range of products, such as heart monitors, fetal monitors, instrumentation, vibration controls, ink-jet printers, hydrophones, touch-screens, robotics, and "smart sensors".

We take pride in being part of our customers’ team, offering quality components, technical support, and service for 35 years!

 167 Pawson Road, Branford, CT 06405
 Phone: 203-481-8831, Fax: 203-481-8838